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Frequently Asked Questions


***Please remember ONLY water is allowed in the gym!***

Q: I need a carpool and my child wants to play with friends, can I make a special request?

A: No, we cannot handle the request of 600+ players. It would be mathematically impossible to keep teams fair and handle all requests. You may coach and choose another player. Twins will be on the same team unless otherwise requested.

Q: My child really liked her coach last season. Can she be put on his team again? 

A: Teams are formed via draft. There is a chance the coach will redraft your child but nothing is guaranteed.

Q: I didn't like my child's coach from last season. Can I request they are put on a different team?

A: All coaching concerns must be expressed before the draft occurs. If your child is drafted by a coach you don't want them to play for, you have the option to request a refund prior to the season starting. 

Q; What days do we practice and how often?

A: PYBL allows up to 2 practices per week and are held on the outdoor courts in approved local schools and parks. The coach gets to choose the days, location and time but for the most part will be held between 3:30-5:30 due to daylight limitations and only having one lighted court. Please talk to your coach once teams are formed. Most want to be accommodating.

Q: When are games played?

A: Games start Saturday, December 7 and end March 21 (this includes playoffs) this year and are played on Saturdays and some Sundays at Twin Peaks and Meadowbrook middle schools.

Q: When are playoffs and who plays?

A: All teams make the playoffs.

Q: Who gets trophies?

A: The first and second place teams.

Q: What are the uniforms?

A: We provide a reversible tank top jersey. Player bring their own shoes and shorts.

Q: What size balls and hoop height does the league use?

A: We use men's standard size for boys and women standard for the girls. All hoops are 10 ft.

The following ball sizes will be used: **NEW**
Boys 3rd & 4th & All Girls = 28.5", size 6 (regulation Women's) 
Boys 5th Grade and above = 29.5", size 7 (regulation Men's)

Q: Are there special rules?

A: Yes, see the rules section of this website.

Q: Are there tryouts or does everyone make a team?

A: Everyone makes a team if there are enough coaches, however there are player assessments that take place at the end of October, start of November. This allows the coaches an opportunity to evaluate the skills of the players to prepare for the draft.

Q: Mailing Address?

A: PYBL – PO Box 1574, Poway, CA 92074